Workshop on Basic Mechanical Ventilation

(31st March 2019)


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Bed Charges


Male General                                                  Rs.      600/-
Female General                                              Rs.      600/-

Oncology General                                          Rs.   1,200/-
Oncology Dual Cabin                                     Rs.   1,500/-

Oncology Cabin                                              Rs.   3,000/-

Annex Ward General                                     Rs.   1,500/-

Annex Ward Cabin                                         Rs.   3,000/-

ICU General                                                    Rs.   3,000/-
ICU Cubicle                                                     Rs. 3,400/-
ICU Cabin                                                        Rs. 3,600/-

ITU General                                                    Rs.   3,200/-

ITU Glass Cubicle                                            Rs.   3,600/-

ITU Dual Glass Cubicle                                   Rs. 3,400/-                 

ITU Executive Cabin                                       Rs. 6,000/-

Level-III CCU                                                  Rs.   4,000/-

Level-III CCU (Isolation Glass Cubicle)       Rs.   4,500/-

Level-III CCU (Isolation Cabin)                    Rs.   5,000/-

Level-III CCU (Executive Deluxe Cabin)      Rs.   7,000/-

Surgical Ward                                                  Rs.   1,200/-


Bed charges of different units are consolidated cost of bed and all services rendered by in-house doctors, trained nurses, attendants, food and other required services.